Stakeholder Engagement

In response to requests by shareholders, we have enhanced our corporate reporting and disclosure materials to be more transparent as to our plans and measurable as to our accomplishments. We welcome opportunities to meet with key stakeholders to learn more about their interests, challenges, and opportunities. We also welcome outside perspectives on how to improve our performance.

We encourage open dialogues on national policy and on issues that impact local residents and business people.

We also foster collaborative partnerships with specific objectives like conserving habitat, protecting wildlife, developing new technology, educating children, providing recreation areas, developing community resources, and removing trash from waterways. We work with partners at all levels from the grass roots in field offices and power plants up through corporate channels at each of our subsidiaries and headquarters.

In addition to partnerships, our success depends on active engagement and participation with community groups, government agencies, non-profit organizations, shareholders, media, academia, customers, employees, and suppliers. Participation includes attendance at local group meetings, safety education, service on boards, plant tours, charitable support, speaking engagements, research support, informational surveys, membership in community organizations, reporting, and media support. Contact us.