Suppliers and Labor Relations

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Southern works diligently to build a robust network of small and diverse suppliers that deliver customer value and strengthen our supply chain.


The Southern Company system maintains ethical standards in all business practices, including relationships with suppliers. We hold our suppliers to these standards contractually when they are performing work for us. Suppliers must meet policies for legal compliance, equal employment, harassment, workplace threats and violence, electronic communications, safety, the environment, drugs and alcohol and conflicts of interest. Supplier information »

The Southern Company system awards business based on best overall value. We have established a mentoring program to help suppliers understand and follow our conventions and policies, qualify for opportunities, and excel in performance. By nurturing relationships with small and diverse suppliers, the Southern Company system broadens its access to products and services while demonstrating commitment to economic inclusion.



Labor Relations

We recognize the right of our employees to bargain collectively through representatives of their own choosing and recognize unions as the exclusive representatives of these employees to collectively bargain for rates of pay, wages, hours of employment, working conditions and other matters of employment.

Approximately one-third of the Southern Company system employees are covered under IBEW union agreements. We have contracts with nine local chapters across a four-state service area. The last strike against the Southern Company system occurred over 25 years ago.

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