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Innovative Solutions

A History of R&D at Southern Company

Innovative Solutions
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Innovative Solutions tells the story of Southern Company's commitment to finding real solutions to America s energy challenges. It all started in 1969 when legendary CEO Alvin Vogtle tapped former Manhattan Project scientist Bill Harrison, PhD, to build a research and development program. Through the decades, Southern Company has generated countless innovations that help deliver clean, safe, reliable and affordable energy. Southern Company is the only U.S. electric utility today that is committed to robust and proprietary R&D. The book is a great way to learn about how the company are preparing for America s energy future.

Big Bets

Decisions & Leaders That Shaped Southern Company

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Southern Company and its predecessor companies have faced every conceivable impediment to progress — natural and manmade disasters, a hostile takeover, a 'death sentence', federal invasions, financial ruin, and numerous threats and attempts to pull its business apart and scramble the pieces. That Southern Company has not only survived for a century but also empowered the South to thrive is a reflection of the leaders who emerged to shepherd the company safely into tomorrow. This is their story, the story of the dreams they pursued, the troubles they encountered, and the big bets they made.