Southern Company Transmission


Electric plants are connected to a network of transmission wires that carry electricity long distances to distribution wires that connect to buildings, offices, and homes. Substations and transformers change the force in the wires at points in the journey between plant and plug, converting the electricity from high voltage, which travels best, to the lower-level voltage used by the electrical device.

Southern Company operations has responsibility for more than 27,000 miles of transmission lines, 3,700 substations, and 300,000 acres of right of way. The transmission system meets North American Electric Reliability Corporation standards and provides a safe and reliable grid. We plan, design, build, operate, and, maintain our system to meet growing demand. From 2008 to 2011, Southern Company invested $2.3 billion in transmission assets (lines and substations) and distribution substations, which is managed in conjunction with transmission at Southern Company.

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