Engineering Careers

Engineering opportunities at Southern Company exist at our power generating plants, distribution and transmission units and our corporate offices. At our generating plants engineers are involved in the maintenance, operation and design of fossil fuel, hydro or nuclear plants. Distribution and transmission cover all power lines and substations between the power generating plant and your home or business. Here, engineers study and design the expansion of our line and substation system to meet future demand. They also consult with customers on our products and services and propose solutions that best serve them. Our corporate engineers work at corporate offices, in the field and/or construction sites and support projects at any of our business units depending on need. Some examples are retrofitting plants with modern environmental controls and planning and design for the construction of new nuclear plants.

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Southern Company hires experienced and new grad engineers including the following disciplines: Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, Environmental, Chemical, Industrial, and Nuclear. Engineering students can learn more about student programs here.

Possible Engineer Career Path:

There are two common growth paths for engineers at Southern Company. Some become technical experts and reach principle, lead project engineer or consulting engineer positions. Others follow a managerial path leading to supervisor or manager and sometimes beyond.

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